Surrey Championship Premier Division 2018

 Points Table
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 Averages by [Team]

05 May 2018  Normandy v East Molesey Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1654
05 May 2018  Reigate Priory v Sunbury Park Lane, Reigate surrp1655
05 May 2018  Sutton v Banstead Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1656
05 May 2018  Weybridge v Ashtead The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1657
05 May 2018  Wimbledon v Cranleigh Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1658
12 May 2018  Ashtead v East Molesey Woodfield Lane, Ashtead surrp1659
12 May 2018  Cranleigh v Reigate Priory The Common, Cranleigh surrp1660
12 May 2018  Normandy v Sutton Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1661
12 May 2018  Sunbury v Weybridge Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1662
12 May 2018  Wimbledon v Banstead Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1663
19 May 2018  Ashtead v Reigate Priory Woodfield Lane, Ashtead surrp1664
19 May 2018  Banstead v Normandy Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1665
19 May 2018  Cranleigh v Weybridge The Common, Cranleigh surrp1666
19 May 2018  East Molesey v Wimbledon Memorial Cricket Ground, East Molesey surrp1667
19 May 2018  Sunbury v Sutton Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1668
26 May 2018  Banstead v Cranleigh Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1669
26 May 2018  East Molesey v Sunbury Memorial Cricket Ground, East Molesey surrp1670
26 May 2018  Reigate Priory v Wimbledon Park Lane, Reigate surrp1671
26 May 2018  Sutton v Ashtead Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1672
26 May 2018  Weybridge v Normandy The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1673
02 Jun 2018  Ashtead v Sunbury Woodfield Lane, Ashtead surrp1674
02 Jun 2018  Banstead v East Molesey Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1675
02 Jun 2018  Normandy v Reigate Priory Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1676
02 Jun 2018  Sutton v Cranleigh Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1677
02 Jun 2018  Weybridge v Wimbledon The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1678
09 Jun 2018  Cranleigh v Ashtead The Common, Cranleigh surrp1679
09 Jun 2018  East Molesey v Weybridge Memorial Cricket Ground, East Molesey surrp1680
09 Jun 2018  Reigate Priory v Sutton Park Lane, Reigate surrp1681
09 Jun 2018  Sunbury v Banstead Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1682
09 Jun 2018  Wimbledon v Normandy Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1683
16 Jun 2018  Banstead v Weybridge Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1684
16 Jun 2018  Normandy v Ashtead Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1685
16 Jun 2018  Reigate Priory v East Molesey Park Lane, Reigate surrp1686
16 Jun 2018  Sunbury v Cranleigh Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1687
16 Jun 2018  Sutton v Wimbledon Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1688
23 Jun 2018  Ashtead v Wimbledon Woodfield Lane, Ashtead surrp1689
23 Jun 2018  Banstead v Reigate Priory Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1690
23 Jun 2018  Cranleigh v East Molesey The Common, Cranleigh surrp1691
23 Jun 2018  Normandy v Sunbury Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1692
23 Jun 2018  Weybridge v Sutton The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1693
30 Jun 2018  Ashtead v Banstead Woodfield Lane, Ashtead surrp1694
30 Jun 2018  Cranleigh v Normandy The Common, Cranleigh surrp1695
30 Jun 2018  East Molesey v Sutton Memorial Cricket Ground, East Molesey surrp1696
30 Jun 2018  Weybridge v Reigate Priory The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1697
30 Jun 2018  Wimbledon v Sunbury Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1698
07 Jul 2018  Banstead v Wimbledon Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1699
07 Jul 2018  East Molesey v Ashtead Memorial Cricket Ground, East Molesey surrp1700
07 Jul 2018  Reigate Priory v Cranleigh Park Lane, Reigate surrp1701
07 Jul 2018  Sutton v Normandy Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1702
07 Jul 2018  Weybridge v Sunbury The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1703
14 Jul 2018  Ashtead v Weybridge Woodfield Lane, Ashtead surrp1704
14 Jul 2018  Banstead v Sutton Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1705
14 Jul 2018  Cranleigh v Wimbledon The Common, Cranleigh surrp1706
14 Jul 2018  East Molesey v Normandy Memorial Cricket Ground, East Molesey surrp1707
14 Jul 2018  Sunbury v Reigate Priory Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1708
21 Jul 2018  Ashtead v Sutton Woodfield Lane, Ashtead surrp1709
21 Jul 2018  Cranleigh v Banstead The Common, Cranleigh surrp1710
21 Jul 2018  Normandy v Weybridge Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1711
21 Jul 2018  Sunbury v East Molesey Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1712
21 Jul 2018  Wimbledon v Reigate Priory Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1713
28 Jul 2018  Normandy v Banstead Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1714
28 Jul 2018  Reigate Priory v Ashtead Park Lane, Reigate surrp1715
28 Jul 2018  Sutton v Sunbury Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1716
28 Jul 2018  Weybridge v Cranleigh The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1717
28 Jul 2018  Wimbledon v East Molesey Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1718
04 Aug 2018  Cranleigh v Sutton The Common, Cranleigh surrp1719
04 Aug 2018  East Molesey v Banstead Memorial Cricket Ground, East Molesey surrp1720
04 Aug 2018  Reigate Priory v Normandy Park Lane, Reigate surrp1721
04 Aug 2018  Sunbury v Ashtead Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1722
04 Aug 2018  Wimbledon v Weybridge Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1723
11 Aug 2018  Ashtead v Cranleigh Woodfield Lane, Ashtead surrp1724
11 Aug 2018  Banstead v Sunbury Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1725
11 Aug 2018  Normandy v Wimbledon Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1726
11 Aug 2018  Sutton v Reigate Priory Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1727
11 Aug 2018  Weybridge v East Molesey The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1728
18 Aug 2018  Ashtead v Normandy Woodfield Lane, Ashtead surrp1729
18 Aug 2018  Cranleigh v Sunbury The Common, Cranleigh surrp1730
18 Aug 2018  East Molesey v Reigate Priory Memorial Cricket Ground, East Molesey surrp1731
18 Aug 2018  Weybridge v Banstead The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1732
18 Aug 2018  Wimbledon v Sutton Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1733
25 Aug 2018  Banstead v Ashtead Recreation Ground, Banstead
25 Aug 2018  Normandy v Cranleigh Hunts Hill Road, Normandy
25 Aug 2018  Reigate Priory v Weybridge Park Lane, Reigate
25 Aug 2018  Sunbury v Wimbledon Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames
25 Aug 2018  Sutton v East Molesey Cheam Road, Sutton
01 Sep 2018  East Molesey v Cranleigh Memorial Cricket Ground, East Molesey
01 Sep 2018  Reigate Priory v Banstead Park Lane, Reigate
01 Sep 2018  Sunbury v Normandy Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames
01 Sep 2018  Sutton v Weybridge Cheam Road, Sutton
01 Sep 2018  Wimbledon v Ashtead Church Road, Wimbledon

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