The Saffrons, Eastbourne - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

38Sussex v Hampshire1950f18915
43England XI v Australians1921f10086
51Oxford University v HDG Leveson-Gower's XI1911f8300
56Oxford University v HDG Leveson-Gower's XI1925f11268
57Nottinghamshire v Sussex1962f24280
63South v North1922f10405
65Sussex v Northamptonshire2000f45238
70England XI v Australians1902f5850
73Harlequins v South Africans1924f11031
76The Rest v Royal Air Force1922f10406
76Lancashire v Sussex1927f12150
77Worcestershire v Sussex1933f14407
78Cambridge University v Sussex1899f5128
78Sussex v Lancashire1968f27341
78Gloucestershire v Sussex1969f27971
78Sussex v Leicestershire1976f31206
80Sussex v Lancashire1968f27341
82Yorkshire v Sussex1946f17324
83Hampshire v Sussex1958f22425
84Gloucestershire v Sussex1953f20219
84Sussex v Northamptonshire1982f34208
86Oxford University v DR Jardine's XI1957f21832
87Sussex v Hampshire1958f22425
88Lancashire v Sussex1968f27341
89Worcestershire v Sussex1930f13305
91Sussex v Yorkshire1946f17324
95DR Jardine's XI v Oxford University1955f20946
95Sussex v Worcestershire1968f27351
95Sussex v Gloucestershire1969f27971
96Sussex v Nottinghamshire1974f30288
98Sussex v Hampshire1922f10326
99Lancashire v Sussex1927f12150





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