The Saffrons, Eastbourne - Most Fielder Catches in Innings in first-class cricket

4AJ EvansHDG Leveson-Gower's XI v Oxford University1912f8586
4AS KennedySussex v Hampshire1922f10326
4JRT BarclayNorthamptonshire v Sussex1982f34208
4GA HickSussex v Worcestershire1995f41875
3C HillEngland XI v Australians1899f5071
3CS HurstSussex v Oxford University1907f7197
3RR RelfLeicestershire v Sussex1908f7388
3GN FosterGentlemen of England v Oxford University1908f7465
3NR UdalOxford University v Gentlemen of England1908f7465
3JH VincettDerbyshire v Sussex1910f7935
3O HughesGentlemen of England v Cambridge University1910f8003
3JCM LoweGentlemen of England v Oxford University1910f8011
3WG DruceCambridge University v HDG Leveson-Gower's XI1911f8292
3MW TateSomerset v Sussex1913f8955
3RR RelfLancashire v Sussex1920f9688
3CU PeatCambridge University v HDG Leveson-Gower's XI1921f9964
3M HowellOxford University v HDG Leveson-Gower's XI1924f10935
3EH BowleyLancashire v Sussex1927f12150
3WGLF LowndesWest Indians v Harlequins1928f12531
3AM CrawleyHDG Leveson-Gower's XI v Oxford University1930f13175
3JH HumanHDG Leveson-Gower's XI v Cambridge University1932f13907
3HGO Owen-SmithHDG Leveson-Gower's XI v Oxford University1932f13918
3J LangridgeOxford University v Sussex1934f14631
3A MelvilleOxford University v Sussex1934f14631
3JG LangridgeLancashire v Sussex1934f14782
3AF WensleySurrey v Sussex1935f15152
3C TurnerSussex v Yorkshire1937f15950
3BO AllenSussex v Gloucestershire1948f18119
3GHG DoggartGlamorgan v Sussex1949f18496
3FW StocksSussex v Nottinghamshire1953f20212
3ALSS ThackaraOxford University v DR Jardine's XI1955f20946
3ASM OakmanHampshire v Sussex1958f22425
3PJ SainsburySussex v Hampshire1958f22425
3ASM OakmanSomerset v Sussex1959f22808
3RG MarlarSomerset v Sussex1959f22808
3KG SuttleLancashire v Sussex1964f25462
3RGA HeadleySussex v Worcestershire1964f25471
3EJ LewisYorkshire v Sussex1967f26956
3J SullivanSussex v Lancashire1968f27341
3B WoodSussex v Lancashire1968f27341
3PA ToddSussex v Nottinghamshire1974f30288
3GA GoochNew Zealanders v DH Robins' XI1978f32106
3EJO HemsleySussex v Worcestershire1978f32190
3CG GreenidgeSussex v Hampshire1982f34199
3Imran KhanHampshire v Sussex1983f34749
3IA GreigEssex v Sussex1984f35323
3NA FosterSussex v Essex1986f36491
3AP WellsDerbyshire v Sussex1992f40082
3MP SpeightDerbyshire v Sussex1992f40082
3AP WellsDerbyshire v Sussex1994f41219
3PA CotteyEssex v Sussex1999f44541





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