Town Ground, Worksop - Centuries in first-class cricket

235  SP JamesGlamorgan v Nottinghamshire1996f42519
223  WW KeetonNottinghamshire v Worcestershire1934f14694
214*G BoycottYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1983f34733
194  PV SimmonsLeicestershire v Nottinghamshire1998f43841
175*G BoycottYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1979f32669
168  GF ArcherNottinghamshire v Glamorgan1994f41244
159  BF SmithLeicestershire v Nottinghamshire1998f43841
157*JH HampshireYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1974f30198
153  D ByasYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1991f39439
143  MJ HarrisNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1978f32066
143*RT RobinsonNottinghamshire v Essex1997f43208
137  W WalkerNottinghamshire v Glamorgan1935f15143
137*M HillNottinghamshire v Lancashire1961f23885
136  AV AveryEssex v Nottinghamshire1938f16259
135*PH ParfittMiddlesex v Nottinghamshire1963f24804
134  DW RandallNottinghamshire v Leicestershire1988f37638
133  CWJ AtheyGloucestershire v Nottinghamshire1992f40072
131  BC BroadNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1985f35876
130  DW RandallNottinghamshire v Lancashire1989f38208
129  G MillmanNottinghamshire v Lancashire1961f23885
128  AA MetcalfeNottinghamshire v Glamorgan1996f42519
127*AW CarrNottinghamshire v Essex1924f10938
127  MJ SmedleyNottinghamshire v Surrey1973f29732
127*EE HemmingsNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1982f34172
127  IVA RichardsGlamorgan v Nottinghamshire1990f38863
124  MJL TurnbullGlamorgan v Nottinghamshire1935f15143
124  JH HampshireYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1978f32066
123*WE AlleySomerset v Nottinghamshire1961f23769
122  BC BroadNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1986f36459
121  JF MacLeanWorcestershire v Nottinghamshire1923f10647
121*AR ButcherGlamorgan v Nottinghamshire1990f38863
117  W WalkerNottinghamshire v Northamptonshire1932f13989
117*PA ToddNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1982f34172
117  GD LloydLancashire v Nottinghamshire1989f38208
115*DB CloseYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1966f26406
115  MP MaynardGlamorgan v Nottinghamshire1990f38863
115  SG LawEssex v Nottinghamshire1997f43208
113  PAJ DeFreitasLeicestershire v Nottinghamshire1988f37638
110  H MorrisGlamorgan v Nottinghamshire1990f38863
109*CAG RussellEssex v Nottinghamshire1924f10938
109*CEB RiceNottinghamshire v Northamptonshire1975f30623
107*CB HarrisNottinghamshire v Derbyshire1936f15539
107  MJ HarrisNottinghamshire v Surrey1973f29732
107*CL CairnsNottinghamshire v Gloucestershire1992f40072
105  RT RobinsonNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1986f36459
105*P JohnsonNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1986f36459
104  RW BarberLancashire v Nottinghamshire1961f23885
104  PJ SharpeYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1962f24371
103  DJR MartindaleNottinghamshire v Warwickshire1987f37119
102  B RoeSomerset v Nottinghamshire1961f23769
102*H MorrisGlamorgan v Nottinghamshire1990f38863
101  MJ HarrisNottinghamshire v Yorkshire1972f29219
100*WW KeetonNottinghamshire v Derbyshire1936f15539
100  G BoycottYorkshire v Nottinghamshire1972f29219
100  NJ AstleNottinghamshire v Essex1997f43208





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