Most Ducks in First-Class Cricket

156RTD Perks1930-1955
150CWL Parker1903-1935
149DJ Shepherd1950-1972
149TWJ Goddard1923-1952
147C Cook1946-1964
143JB Mortimore1951-1975
141W Bestwick1898-1925
133WE Hollies1932-1957
132PF Jackson1929-1950
130GR Cox1895-1927
130JT Hearne1888-1921
129HR Butt1890-1912
129CT Spencer1952-1972
126W Attewell1881-1899
126W Mead1892-1913
124AP Freeman1914-1936
124RW Taylor1960-1984
124DVP Wright1933-1957
123AS Kennedy1907-1935
123DL Underwood1963-1987
122H Strudwick1902-1927
121J Briggs1879-1900
121W Rhodes1898-1930
120Lord Hawke1881-1910
118HL Jackson1947-1963
118D Shackleton1948-1968
118GAR Lock1947-1970/71
113JT Murray1952-1975
113PI Pocock1964-1986
113WE Astill1906-1939
112T Emmett1867-1888
109JB Statham1950-1968
109E Smith1952-1971
108N Gifford1960-1988
108C Blythe1899-1914
107H Elliott1920-1947
107EW Clark1922-1947
107AS Brown1953-1976
104AV Bedser1939-1960
103JA Flavell1950-1967
103CA Walsh1981/82-2000/01
103D Denton1895-1920
103FJ Titmus1950-1980
103B Taylor1953-1972
102FH Huish1895-1914
102M Sherwin1876-1895
101EG Dennett1903-1926
101BD Wells1951-1965
100JH Board1891-1914/15
96GS Boyes1921-1939
96S Coe1896-1923
96JE Timms1925-1949
96RNS Hobbs1961-1981
95FS Trueman1949-1968
95HG Davies1936-1958
95DC Morgan1950-1968
95JG Binks1955-1969





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