113b10Pandya to Herath
short pitch ball outside off stump, fends it to point for no run
113b21fullish delivery on off stump, edges it to on side for a run
113b30Pandya to Dickwella
full length delivery just outside off stump, edges it on the bounce to slip cordon
113b40fuller length on off stump, takes the pace off, gets on the front foot and blocks it to cover
113b50good length delivery sliding down the leg side, plays and misses, onto the pads
113b61back of the length on leg stump, flicks it to deep mid wicket
End of over 114:(2 runs scored) Sri Lanka 381-8 (Dickwella 28*, 49 balls, Herath 17*, 29 balls)
114b10Ashwin to Dickwella
tossed up outside off stump, dirves it to extra cover
114b20floated up on off stump, lungs forward and jams it
114b32too full on off stump, reverse sweeps it to deep point
114b40fuller on leg stump, turns it to short fine leg
114b50tossed up on leg stump, blocks it to on side
114b61tossed up on off stump, reverse sweeps it to deep point
End of over 115:(3 runs scored) Sri Lanka 384-8 (Dickwella 31*, 55 balls, Herath 17*, 29 balls)
115b10Pandya to Dickwella
too full and outside off stump, slices it straight to gully, where Rahane completes his 50th catch in Test matches, Dickwella goes, 9th wicket falls on 384
Dickwella c Rahane b Pandya (31 runs, 56 balls, 4x4, 0x6)
ANPR Fernando comes in to bat
115b20Pandya to Fernando
fuller just outside off stump, drives and misses, through to the keeper
115b30full ball around off stump, blocks it with flat bat to off side
115b40good length ball on off stump, gets on the front foot and defends it
115b51wdshort ball well over the head of the batsman
115b61full toss on leg stump, swings it to deep square leg
115b70Pandya to Herath
bit full and on off stump, jams it with straight bat to off side
End of over 116:(2 runs scored) Sri Lanka 386-9 (Herath 17*, 30 balls, Fernando 1*, 4 balls)

116b10Ashwin to Fernando
carrom ball on leg stump, goes for a flick, gets leading edge, ball lands safely
116b20too full on leg stump, sweeps it to short fine leg
116b30carrom ball just outside leg stump, plays and misses, onto the pad, Ashwin shouts for lbw, umpire says no, Kohli goes for a review, replay shows that ball pitched outside leg
116b40offbreak on off stump, goes deep and smoothers it
116b50tossed up on off stump, goes for a sweep, gets top edge, goes to mid on, where Dhawan makes no mistake to take the catch, that's it, SL allout, India win the match and the series as well with 1 to play
Fernando c Dhawan b Ashwin (1 runs, 9 balls, 0x4, 0x6)
Last over 117:(0 runs scored) Sri Lanka 386 all out (Herath 17*, 30 balls)
11:15 GMT: End of innings
End of the match: India won by an innings and 53 runs
11:16 GMT: End of the session's play
Man of the match: RA Jadeja
11:28 GMT: That's it, India crushed Sri Lanka by an inning and 53 runs and won the 3-match series with 1 to play. D Karunaratne and K Mendis scored centuries and showed tremendous fightback but wickets kept tumbling on the other end. It was a good toss to win for India. Pujara and Rahane's centuries were helped by four other half-centuries, as India pumped on 622/9 declared in that first innings In reply, Sri Lanka were no match to India's spin, collapsing to 183 to follow-on for only the third time at home. And just when an easy win beckoned India, Sri Lanka called upon the Hayden ghosts, sweeping their way to a point where a Galle redux looked plausible. And then Jadeja got one to kick up and munched on a defiant Karunaratne. R Jadeja was declared man of the match award due to his allround perfromance. This is all we have for you today, please join us on Sunday for the third and final Test match between Sri Lanka and India. By then, its goodbye from now....
11:28 GMT: Close of play for the day