Javeria Wadood reported for suspect bowling action
by International Cricket Council

Scorecard:Pakistan Women v Sri Lanka Women
Player:Javeria Khan
Event:ICC Women's World Twenty20 2010

DateLine: 7th May 2010


ICC Media Release - 7 May 2010


Pakistan women's team off-spinner must undergo testing within seven days and, if necessary, remedial action


Pakistan bowler Javeria Wadood has been reported during the ICC Women's World Twenty20 2010 in St Kitts for having a suspected illegal bowling action.


The right-arm off-spinner was reported after the Pakistan v Sri Lanka match on 6 May at Warner Park, St Kitts, by on-field umpires Rod Tucker and Marais Erasmus of the Emirates International Panel of ICC Umpires as well as third umpire Shahvir Tarapore, also of the Emirates International Panel.


In their official report, the umpires stated: "We believe that Javeria Wadood straightens her arm during her delivery and appears to be more than the allowable 15 degrees. It is in all deliveries not one specific delivery. We therefore request the necessary action be instituted to deal with this matter."


A copy of the report has been sent to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).


Javeria's bowling action will now be scrutinised further under the ICC process relating to women's Tests, ODIs and T20Is. Clause 2.2 the ICC regulations provides as follows:


The player is required to submit to an independent analysis of her action by a member of the ICC panel of human movement specialists, appointed in consultation with the PCB


This analysis and report must take place within seven days of the report being received by the PCB


If the player is found to have bowled with an illegal action during the independent analysis then she will be suspended from bowling until she undertakes remedial action and is reassessed


Subject to the provisions of paragraph 2.2.8 of the regulation, throughout the period up to the date of receipt by the Player's Home Board of the Independent Assessment, the Player shall be permitted to continue bowling in International Cricket. At any time throughout this period the Player is subject to being called on the field by the Umpire(s) in accordance with Law 24.2 and the consequences of such Law must apply. During this period a further Match Officials' Report will however have no consequence.


Details of the ICC regulations for the review of bowlers reported with suspected bowling actions can be found at


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