Anil Kumble in dilemma ? : BCCI opposing DRS, but his cricket committee is supporting it
by Bipin Dani

Player:M Dillon, A Kumble

DateLine: 28th June 2016


Mumbai, June 28 : Team India's new coach Anil Kumble can continue, if he wishes to, to be the chairman of the ICC's cricket committee, it is learnt here.


According to the sources in the ICC, there has been no immediate plan to replace him.


"My understanding is that he can continue to at this post. There have been few other former cricketers who are now performing the coach duty and still the members of the ICC committee", one influential member of the Indian cricket board said.


"Darren Lehmann is Australia's coach and Rahul Dravid is attached with the Junior teams in India and are the active members of the ICC's high profile committee. Why should Anil Kumble leave this post ?", the BCCI official said.


The ICC's Chief Executives committee meetings scheduled to be held in Edinburgh on Tuesday evening (14.30 to 17.30 and Wednesday morning (9.30 to 14.00) are likely to discuss the suggestions (made by the Cricket Committee in last month meeting) and put forward to the ICC's Executive Committee and Board Meetings.


Merv Dillon congratulates Kumble


In the meantime, Merv Dillon, whose bouncer fractured Kumble's jaw (Antigua Test against West Indies in 2002) has praised Kumble's appointment as India coach.


Speaking exclusively over his mobile from USA, where he lives now, Dillon says, "Congratulations must go out to him on being named coach of the Indian team".


"His determination, focus (on the game) and never say die attitude was evident long before that Antigua Test match. So I wasn't surprised to see him take the field with a broken jaw".


"He is not one of those guys you could intimidate him too easily".


"If he can get the players to play with the pride and mental toughness that seems to be who is I have no doubt he would make a great coach", Dillon added.


Interestingly, Kumble has also received thumbs up from Zimbabwe's former ICC match referee and Hon. Justice Ebrahim.


Speaking exclusively from Harare, he says, "I have always been an admirer of him, as a Captain, cricketer,and as a person.I worked with him prior to the 2003 World Cup when BCCI was in a standoff with the ICC on the issue of AMBUSH MARKETING and he represented the players interests which he exercised firmly and in their best interests".


"I know the late Mr Dalmiya was an admirer of him as he told me so when I arrived in Kolkata to deal with that particular matter. He will make a great coach for India. I had no doubt that the three wise men of Indian cricket Sourav, Sachin and VVS would choose him to the Coach of India", he signed off.


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