Not only helmets, make safety of bails too, says Mark Boucher
by Bipin Dani

Player:MV Boucher

DateLine: 6th July 2016


Mumbai, July 6: The former South Africa wicket-keeper, while commenting on ICC's decision on the use of helmets for the players' safety, has also suggested to attach the bails to the stumps to avoid flying them on air after being hit by a ball.


The 40-year-old Boucher had to announce early retirement from the game of cricket after being hit in the eye by a bail in a warm-up game on England tour in 2012.


Speaking exclusively over his mobile from South Africa, he said, "I had not used a helmet but even if I had, it would not have avoided the accident. Helmets are designed for balls, not bails".


"My recommendation would be to somehow attach the bails to the stumps, by a light-string. This way the bails could not fly off and inflict damage to any player standing behind the stumps".


"I would strongly recommend everyone to wear a helmet, but to make it compulsory would not be fair on players who prefer not to wear one".


The ICC, in its recent Annual Conference in Edinburgh reiterated that the wearing of helmets in international cricket should not be mandatory, but that if a player decides to wear a batting helmet, then it must comply with the new British Standard (BS) - BS7928:2013.


"It should be used by wicket-keepers and close-fielders as well. It could be life saving", Boucher added.


"That (helmet) should be compulsory from an ICC standard from international through to school cricket levels. Along with my recommendation of bails being attached to the stumps", he signed off.


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