Brief profile of Alex Edwards
by Matthew Reed

Player:AD Edwards

DateLine: 22nd November 2005


Alex Edwards owed his Derbyshire career to the bad luck of others. After being released by Middlesex at the end of 2000, his request from him for a second team game quickly became a request to him to appear for the injury hit first team. After an excellent, economical limited-overs debut, his bowling either seemed to go at an excellent three an over or a poor seven. Unfortunately, there were more of the latter than the former, and it wasn’t a big surprise when he wasn’t offered a contract for 2002. Edwards had earlier played five seasons for Sussex (where his wickets came at a not too unreasonable 35), and he had been on the Middlesex staff in 2000 without playing for the first team. He was a limited batsman, although in his one Championship appearance for Derbyshire he showed that in place of strokeplay he could at least use determination and common sense when he had bat in hand.


(November 2005)


(Article: Copyright © 2005 Matthew Reed)


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