Sydney First Grade 2010/11

25 Sep 2010  Bankstown v Parramatta Bankstown Oval, Sydney misc228339
25 Sep 2010  Fairfield-Liverpool v Blacktown Rosedale Oval, Sydney misc389246
25 Sep 2010  Hawkesbury v Gordon Owen Earle Oval, Sydney misc415838
26 Sep 2010  #Blacktown v Hawkesbury Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc389247
26 Sep 2010  Gordon v Western Suburbs Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc415839
09 Oct 2010  Blacktown v Eastern Suburbs Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc389248
09 Oct 2010  Gordon v Sydney Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc415840
09 Oct 2010  Parramatta v Sutherland Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228340
16 Oct 2010  Blacktown v Bankstown Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc389249
16 Oct 2010  Gordon v North Sydney Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc415841
16 Oct 2010  Parramatta v Campbelltown-Camden Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228342
30 Oct 2010  Mosman v Blacktown Allan Border Oval, Sydney misc389250
30 Oct 2010  Randwick-Petersham v Parramatta Coogee Oval, Sydney misc228341
06 Nov 2010  Campbelltown-Camden v Blacktown Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc389251
06 Nov 2010  University of New South Wales v Parramatta Village Green, Sydney misc228343
07 Nov 2010  Blacktown v University of New South Wales Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc389252
07 Nov 2010  Parramatta v Sydney Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228344
20 Nov 2010  Blacktown v Randwick-Petersham Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc389253
20 Nov 2010  Parramatta v Mosman Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228345
21 Nov 2010  Sydney v Blacktown Drummoyne Oval, Sydney misc389254
21 Nov 2010  Sydney University v Parramatta University Oval, Sydney misc228346
04 Dec 2010  Gordon v Campbelltown-Camden Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc415842
04 Dec 2010  Penrith v Blacktown Howell Oval, Sydney misc389255
04 Dec 2010  St George v Parramatta Hurstville Oval, Sydney misc228347
05 Dec 2010  Gordon v Parramatta Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc228348
05 Dec 2010  Manly-Warringah v Blacktown Manly Oval, Sydney misc389256
18 Dec 2010  Manly-Warringah v Parramatta Manly Oval, Sydney misc228349
18 Dec 2010  Sutherland v Blacktown Glenn McGrath Oval, Sydney misc389257
18 Dec 2010  Sydney University v Gordon Blacktown Olympic Park Oval, Sydney misc415843
08 Jan 2011  Blacktown v Northern District Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc389258
08 Jan 2011  Parramatta v Western Suburbs Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228350
09 Jan 2011  Blacktown v Sydney University Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc389259
09 Jan 2011  Gordon v Eastern Suburbs Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc415844
16 Jan 2011  Manly-Warringah v Parramatta Manly Oval, Sydney misc228351
22 Jan 2011  Northern District v Gordon Waitara Oval, Sydney misc415845
22 Jan 2011  Parramatta v Eastern Suburbs Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228352
22 Jan 2011  St George v Blacktown Hurstville Oval, Sydney misc389260
26 Jan 2011  Western Suburbs v Parramatta Pratten Park, Ashfield, Sydney misc228353
05 Feb 2011  Fairfield-Liverpool v Parramatta Rosedale Oval, Sydney misc228354
05 Feb 2011  Gordon v Penrith Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc415846
12 Feb 2011  Blacktown v North Sydney Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc389261
12 Feb 2011  Fairfield-Liverpool v Gordon Rosedale Oval, Sydney misc415847
12 Feb 2011  Penrith v Parramatta Howell Oval, Sydney misc228355
26 Feb 2011  Gordon v Sutherland Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc415848
26 Feb 2011  Parramatta v Blacktown Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228356
12 Mar 2011  Blacktown v Gordon Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc389262
12 Mar 2011  Parramatta v Hawkesbury Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228357

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.





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