Sydney First Grade 2011/12

24 Sep 2011  Campbelltown-Camden v Mosman Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc389263
24 Sep 2011  Gordon v Sydney University Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc415849
24 Sep 2011  Manly-Warringah v Parramatta Manly Oval, Sydney misc228358
08 Oct 2011  Campbelltown-Camden v North Sydney Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc389265
08 Oct 2011  Sydney v Gordon Drummoyne Oval, Sydney misc415850
22 Oct 2011  Bankstown v Campbelltown-Camden Bankstown Oval, Sydney misc389266
22 Oct 2011  Eastern Suburbs v Gordon Waverley Oval, Sydney misc415851
22 Oct 2011  Parramatta v Northern District Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228359
23 Oct 2011  Gordon v Fairfield-Liverpool Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc415852
23 Oct 2011  Parramatta v Penrith Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228360
23 Oct 2011  Sutherland v Campbelltown-Camden Glenn McGrath Oval, Sydney misc389267
05 Nov 2011  Campbelltown-Camden v Fairfield-Liverpool Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc389264
05 Nov 2011  Gordon v St George Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc415853
05 Nov 2011  Parramatta v Sydney University Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228361
06 Nov 2011  Campbelltown-Camden v University of New South Wales Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc389268
06 Nov 2011  Manly-Warringah v Gordon Manly Oval, Sydney misc415854
06 Nov 2011  Western Suburbs v Parramatta Pratten Park, Ashfield, Sydney misc228362
13 Nov 2011  Campbelltown-Camden v Manly-Warringah Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc389269
13 Nov 2011  Eastern Suburbs v North Sydney Waverley Oval, Sydney misc389270
13 Nov 2011  Parramatta v Mosman Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228363
13 Nov 2011  University of New South Wales v Gordon Village Green, Sydney misc415855
19 Nov 2011  Blacktown v Parramatta Joe McAleer Reserve, Sydney misc228364
19 Nov 2011  Gordon v Sutherland Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc415856
19 Nov 2011  Hawkesbury v Eastern Suburbs Owen Earle Oval, Sydney misc389271
19 Nov 2011  Northern District v Campbelltown-Camden Waitara Oval, Sydney misc389272
03 Dec 2011  Campbelltown-Camden v Eastern Suburbs Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc389273
03 Dec 2011  North Sydney v Parramatta North Sydney Oval, Sydney misc228365
03 Dec 2011  Western Suburbs v Gordon Pratten Park, Ashfield, Sydney misc415857
04 Dec 2011  Sydney University v Eastern Suburbs Blacktown Olympic Park Oval, Sydney misc389274
10 Dec 2011  Eastern Suburbs v Mosman Waverley Oval, Sydney misc389275
10 Dec 2011  Parramatta v Fairfield-Liverpool Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228366
10 Dec 2011  Sydney v Campbelltown-Camden Drummoyne Oval, Sydney misc389276
17 Dec 2011  Eastern Suburbs v Parramatta Waverley Oval, Sydney misc228367
17 Dec 2011  Gordon v Northern District Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc415858
17 Dec 2011  Hawkesbury v Campbelltown-Camden Owen Earle Oval, Sydney misc389277
07 Jan 2012  Campbelltown-Camden v Sydney University Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc389278
07 Jan 2012  Gordon v Hawkesbury Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc415859
14 Jan 2012  St George v Campbelltown-Camden Hurstville Oval, Sydney misc389279
21 Jan 2012  Campbelltown-Camden v Gordon Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc389280
21 Jan 2012  Parramatta v St George Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228368
28 Jan 2012  Parramatta v Randwick-Petersham Old King's Oval, Sydney misc228369
28 Jan 2012  Penrith v Campbelltown-Camden Howell Oval, Sydney misc389281
11 Feb 2012  Campbelltown-Camden v Western Suburbs Raby Oval No 1, Sydney misc389282
11 Feb 2012  Randwick-Petersham v Gordon Coogee Oval, Sydney misc415860
11 Feb 2012  Sydney v Parramatta Drummoyne Oval, Sydney misc228370
18 Feb 2012  Parramatta v Gordon Old King's Oval, Sydney misc239103
18 Feb 2012  Randwick-Petersham v Campbelltown-Camden Coogee Oval, Sydney misc389283
25 Feb 2012  Blacktown v Campbelltown-Camden Chatswood Oval, Sydney misc389284
25 Feb 2012  Parramatta v University of New South Wales Old King's Oval, Sydney misc239104
25 Feb 2012  Penrith v Eastern Suburbs Howell Oval, Sydney misc389285





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