Sydney Shires First Grade 2006/07

30 Sep 2006  Macquarie University v Lane Cove Northern Oval, North Ryde misc200018
30 Sep 2006  Strathfield v Pennant Hills Airey Park, Sydney misc389363
14 Oct 2006  #Georges River v Epping Bexley Oval, Sydney misc343492
14 Oct 2006  Lindfield v Strathfield Lindfield Ground, Sydney misc389364
14 Oct 2006  Macquarie University v Warringah Northern Oval, North Ryde misc200019
28 Oct 2006  #Epping v Strathfield Norfolk Road, Epping misc389365
28 Oct 2006  Georges River v Macquarie University Bexley Oval, Sydney misc200020
11 Nov 2006  #Burwood Briars v Georges River Burwood Briars, Concord misc343493
11 Nov 2006  Macquarie University v Pennant Hills Northern Oval, North Ryde misc200021
11 Nov 2006  Strathfield v Southern Districts Greenway Oval 2, Carnes Hill misc389366
18 Nov 2006  #Burwood Briars v Macquarie University Burwood Briars, Concord misc200022
18 Nov 2006  Georges River v Lane Cove Bexley Oval, Sydney misc343494
18 Nov 2006  Warringah v Strathfield Mike Pawley Oval, Curl Curl misc389367
02 Dec 2006  #Roseville v Macquarie University Roseville Chase Oval, Roseville misc200023
02 Dec 2006  Strathfield v Georges River Airey Park, Sydney misc343495
16 Dec 2006  Macquarie University v Southern Districts Northern Oval, North Ryde misc200024
06 Jan 2007  Georges River v Lindfield Bexley Oval, Sydney misc343496
06 Jan 2007  #South Sydney v Macquarie University Marrickville Oval, Marrickville misc200025
20 Jan 2007  #Macquarie University v Epping Northern Oval, North Ryde misc200026
20 Jan 2007  Pennant Hills v Georges River Alexandria Park, Alexandria misc343497
03 Feb 2007  #Georges River v South Sydney Bexley Oval, Sydney misc343498
03 Feb 2007  Strathfield v Macquarie University Airey Park, Sydney misc200027
10 Feb 2007  Auburn v Macquarie University Mona Park No 1, Sydney misc200028
10 Feb 2007  #Georges River v Roseville Bexley Oval, Sydney misc343499
24 Feb 2007  Macquarie University v North West Sydney Northern Oval, North Ryde misc200029
24 Feb 2007  Southern Districts v Georges River Greenway Oval 2, Carnes Hill misc343500
10 Mar 2007  Macquarie University v Lindfield Northern Oval, North Ryde misc200030

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.





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