Bowling in Hawke Cup 1914/15 (Ordered by Average)

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P Robertson (NT)00711-77.00 00
EHL Bernau (Wan)00102127-578.50 21
LA Wood (Wan)004554-229.00 00
AC Cooke (PB)004433-3014.66 00
CA Holland (Wan)00369247-10615.37 21
W Oates (PB)003422-3017.00 00
Dunlop (ST)006133-6120.33 00
PM Pratt (ST)006233-6220.66 00
Heskett (NT)006233-6220.66 00
LP Cave (Wan)0015073-1421.42 00
JM Hussey (Wan)0017584-5221.87 00
Lynskey (ST)002611-2626.00 00
CC Clark (NT)008633-8628.66 00
FL McMahon (PB)008932-4929.66 00
KB Bain (NT)003311-3333.00 00
WJ Schollum (PB)0014243-7935.50 00
U Clark (PB)004211-1142.00 00
M Guthrie (PB)005011-3750.00 00
EO Blamires (ST)006811-6868.00 00
Kavanagh (ST)007311-7373.00 00
AE Hadden (Wan)00110    
GB Purdue (NT)00160    
JH Williams (Wan)00200    
AG Haines (Wan)00280    
HE Maude (PB)00330    
WP Nicoll (NT)00410    
HR Penny (ST)00660    





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