FP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge - Double Centuries in first-class cricket

313*SS AgarwalOxford University v Cambridge University2013f54889
304*ED WeekesWest Indians v Cambridge University1950f18664
254*KS DuleepsinhjiCambridge University v Middlesex1927f11879
252*PR UmrigarIndians v Cambridge University1959f22647
248  TE JestyHampshire v Cambridge University1984f35148
247  S OberoiOxford University v Cambridge University2005f48720
239  CMH HathornSouth Africans v Cambridge University1901f5575
236*H AshtonCambridge University v Free Foresters1920f9626
236*JWM DalrympleOxford University v Cambridge University2003f47320
233*JSF MorrisonCambridge University v Marylebone Cricket Club1914f9104
229*WH PonsfordAustralians v Cambridge University1934f14523
227*NF DruceCambridge University v CI Thornton's XI1897f4635
227  DS SheppardCambridge University v West Indians1950f18664
227*PBH MayCambridge University v Hampshire1950f18715
224  KJ GrievesLancashire v Cambridge University1957f21720
221*MEJC NormanLeicestershire v Cambridge University1967f26763
220*AL HassettAustralians v Cambridge University1938f16082
219*GHG DoggartCambridge University v Essex1949f18241
216  WM WoodfullAustralians v Cambridge University1930f13106
216*AR ButcherSurrey v Cambridge University1980f33027
216  BM DuckettNottinghamshire v Cambridge Marylebone Cricket Club University2019f59416
215*KS RanjitsinhjiSussex v Cambridge University1900f5343
215*GHG DoggartCambridge University v Lancashire1948f17854
215  PWG ParkerCambridge University v Essex1976f31041
209*SP HendersonCambridge University v Middlesex1982f34034
207*G BoycottYorkshire v Cambridge University1976f31060
205*WR GilbertEngland XI v Cambridge University1876f1933
205  GA GoochEssex v Cambridge University1980f33016
205*G KirstenSouth Africans v British Universities1998f43759
204  AB SellersYorkshire v Cambridge University1936f15337
204  PA GibbCambridge University v Free Foresters1938f16156
204*JG DewesCambridge University v Essex1949f18241
204*MC CowdreyKent v Cambridge University1956f21257
203*PJ SharpeYorkshire v Cambridge University1960f23163
203*BW LuckhurstKent v Cambridge University1970f28222
202  DCS ComptonMiddlesex v Cambridge University1946f17119
202*GM TurnerWorcestershire v Cambridge University1974f30091
201  ET KillickCambridge University v Essex1929f12656
200*ET KillickCambridge University v Glamorgan1929f12623
200*WW KeetonNottinghamshire v Cambridge University1932f13825
200  WA BrownAustralians v Cambridge University1948f17872
200*Inzamam-ul-HaqPakistanis v Oxford and Cambridge Universities1992f39984





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