List A Matches played on Batsford Road, Moreton-in-Marsh (21)

(count excludes the 3 matches in which no play was possible)
6th May 1972 Benson and Hedges Cup 1972 West GroupGloucestershire v Hampshirea650
7th May 1972 John Player League 1972  Gloucestershire v Essexa658
13th May 1973 John Player League 1973  Gloucestershire v Surreya898a
23rd June 1974 John Player League 1974  Gloucestershire v Sussexa1190
4th May 1975 John Player League 1975  Gloucestershire v Warwickshirea1348
30th May 1976 John Player League 1976  Gloucestershire v Worcestershirea1687
21st August 1977 John Player League 1977  Gloucestershire v Warwickshirea2041a
25th June 1978 John Player League 1978  Gloucestershire v Worcestershirea2202
2nd September 1979 John Player League 1979  Gloucestershire v Warwickshirea2539
13th July 1980 John Player League 1980  Gloucestershire v Sussexa2733
10th May 1981 John Player League 1981  Gloucestershire v Leicestershirea2930a
17th July 1983 John Player Special League 1983  Gloucestershire v Warwickshirea3757
26th August 1984 John Player Special League 1984  Gloucestershire v Lancashirea4183
8th September 1985 John Player Special League 1985  Gloucestershire v Worcestershirea4574
31st August 1986 John Player Special League 1986  Gloucestershire v Northamptonshirea4989
23rd August 1987 Refuge Assurance League 1987  Gloucestershire v Nottinghamshirea5372
21st August 1988 Refuge Assurance League 1988  Gloucestershire v Kenta5791
20th August 1989 Refuge Assurance League 1989  Gloucestershire v Northamptonshirea6187
20th May 1990 Refuge Assurance League 1990  Gloucestershire v Warwickshirea6554
9th June 1991 Refuge Assurance League 1991  Gloucestershire v Northamptonshirea7066
12th July 1992 Sunday League 1992  Gloucestershire v Northamptonshirea7650
11th July 1993 AXA Equity and Law League 1993  Gloucestershire v Middlesexa8131
4th September 1994 AXA Equity and Law League 1994  Gloucestershire v Leicestershirea8795
14th July 1996 AXA Equity and Law League 1996  Gloucestershire v Kenta9950





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