Christ Church Ground, Oxford - Highest Partnership for Each Wicket in first-class cricket

  1202  WM Lawry & RB SimpsonAustralians v Oxford University1961f23730
  2149*DR Jardine & RL HoldsworthOxford University v Australians1921f9878
  3153*Australians v Oxford University1930f13084
  4135  Australians v Oxford University1938f16071
  5209*J Darling & MA NobleAustralians v Oxford University1899f5092
  6125  Australians v Oxford University1938f16071
  7121  Australians v Oxford University1938f16071
  8120  Oxford University v Yorkshire1904f6311
  9106  Australians v Oxford University1953f19979
10149  FH Hollins & BA CollinsOxford University v Marylebone Cricket Club1901f5533
11-1  Oxford University v Gentlemen of England1878f2110
11-1  Oxford University v Gentlemen of England1878f2110
11-1  Gentlemen of England v Oxford University1878f2110





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