Christ Church Ground, Oxford - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

38Australians v Oxford University1886f2982
38Oxford University v Australians1886f2982
45Oxford University v Australians1886f2982
53Oxford University v Australians1890f3467
67Oxford University v Sussex1900f5313
70Australians v Oxford University1886f2982
70Oxford University v Australians1934f14550
70Oxford University v Australians1953f19979
71Oxford University v Australians1912f8500
75Oxford University v Australians1938f16071
77Oxford University v Australians1902f5806
84Sussex v Oxford University1900f5313
84Oxford University v West Indians1957f21693
87Oxford University v Australians1888f3233
90Oxford University v South Africans1955f20854
91Oxford University v Lancashire1907f7105
96Oxford University v Gentlemen of England1878f2110
96Sussex v Oxford University1900f5313
97Indians v Oxford University1911f8242





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