First-Class Matches played on Christ Church Ground, Oxford (37)

3rd June 1878 University Match 1878  Oxford University v Gentlemen of Englandf2110
15th May 1882 Australia in British Isles 1882  Oxford University v Australiansf2469
15th May 1884 Australia in England 1884  Oxford University v Australiansf2723
27th May 1886 Australia in England 1886  Oxford University v Australiansf2982
17th May 1888 Australia in England 1888  Oxford University v Australiansf3233
19th May 1890 Australia in England 1890  Oxford University v Australiansf3467
30th May 1892 University Match 1892  Oxford University v Surreyf3723
1st June 1893 Australia in England 1893  Oxford University v Australiansf3869
27th May 1895 University Match 1895  Oxford University v Yorkshiref4222
1st June 1896 Australia in England 1896  Oxford University v Australiansf4438
7th June 1897 Gentlemen of Philadelphia in England 1897  Oxford University v Gentlemen of Philadelphiaf4678
29th May 1899 Australia in England 1899  Oxford University v Australiansf5092
24th May 1900 University Match 1900  Oxford University v Sussexf5313
20th May 1901 University Match 1901  Oxford University v Marylebone Cricket Clubf5533
23rd May 1901 University Match 1901  Oxford University v Surreyf5542
22nd May 1902 Australia in British Isles 1902  Oxford University v Australiansf5806
19th May 1904 University Match 1904  Oxford University v Yorkshiref6311
15th May 1905 Australia in British Isles 1905  Oxford University v Australiansf6562
25th May 1905 University Match 1905  Oxford University v Worcestershiref6586
29th May 1905 University Match 1905  Oxford University v Kentf6591
17th May 1906 University Match 1906  Oxford University v Lancashiref6841
16th May 1907 University Match 1907  Oxford University v Lancashiref7105
24th May 1909 Australia in British Isles 1909  Oxford University v Australiansf7659
1st June 1911 India in British Isles 1911  Oxford University v Indiansf8242
23rd May 1912 Australia in British Isles 1912  Oxford University v Australiansf8500
25th May 1921 Australia in British Isles 1921  Oxford University v Australiansf9878
22nd May 1926 Australia in British Isles 1926  Oxford University v Australiansf11534
28th May 1930 Australia in British Isles 1930  Oxford University v Australiansf13084
19th May 1934 Australia in British Isles 1934  Oxford University v Australiansf14550
4th May 1938 Australia in British Isles 1938  Oxford University v Australiansf16071
19th May 1948 Australia in British Isles 1948  Oxford University v Australiansf17893
24th May 1950 West Indies in England 1950  Oxford University v West Indiansf18685
20th May 1953 Australia in British Isles 1953  Oxford University v Australiansf19979
25th May 1955 South Africa in England 1955  Oxford University v South Africansf20854
30th May 1956 Australia in British Isles 1956  Oxford University v Australiansf21307
8th May 1957 West Indies in British Isles 1957  Oxford University v West Indiansf21693
31st May 1961 Australia in British Isles 1961  Oxford University v Australiansf23730





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