First-Class Matches played on Lalabhai Contractor Stadium, Surat (25)

6th November 1993 Duleep Trophy 1993/94  West Zone v East Zonef40731
4th January 1999 Ranji Trophy 1998/99 West ZoneGujarat v Barodaf44080
27th December 1999 Ranji Trophy 1999/00 West ZoneGujarat v Mumbaif44870
23rd December 2000 Ranji Trophy 2000/01 West ZoneGujarat v Saurashtraf45481
18th January 2001 Duleep Trophy 2000/01  West Zone v South Zonef45558
9th November 2002 Ranji Trophy 2002/03 Elite Group BGujarat v Uttar Pradeshf46868
27th October 2005 Duleep Trophy 2005/06 Group ACentral Zone v South Zonef48869
25th December 2005 Ranji Trophy 2005/06 Elite Group AGujarat v Bengalf49054
9th December 2007 Ranji Trophy 2007/08 Plate Group AGujarat v Keralaf50477
10th November 2008 Ranji Trophy 2008/09 Elite Group AGujarat v Mumbaif51059
8th December 2009 Ranji Trophy 2009/10 Elite Group AGujarat v Himachal Pradeshf52095
10th November 2010 Ranji Trophy 2010/11 Elite Group AGujarat v Saurashtraf52679
21st December 2011 Ranji Trophy 2011/12 Elite Group BGujarat v Haryanaf53696
9th November 2012 Ranji Trophy 2012/13 Group AGujarat v Saurashtraf54285
7th November 2013 Ranji Trophy 2013/14 Group AGujarat v Delhif55066
21st January 2015 Ranji Trophy 2014/15 Group BGujarat v Vidarbhaf56096
15th November 2015 Ranji Trophy 2015/16 Group BGujarat v Madhya Pradeshf56722
13th October 2016 Ranji Trophy 2016/17 Group CGoa v Jammu and Kashmirf57326
21st November 2016 Ranji Trophy 2016/17 Group CHimachal Pradesh v Servicesf57504
24th October 2017 Ranji Trophy 2017/18 Group BGujarat v Jammu and Kashmirf58160
17th November 2017 Ranji Trophy 2017/18 Group BGujarat v Rajasthanf58274
7th December 2017 Ranji Trophy 2017/18 Quarter-FinalKerala v Vidarbhaf58337
14th December 2018 Ranji Trophy 2018/19 Group AGujarat v Karnatakaf59124
25th December 2019 Ranji Trophy 2019/20 Elite Group AGujarat v Keralaf59811
27th January 2020 Ranji Trophy 2019/20 Elite Group AGujarat v Vidarbhaf59921





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