Palam A Ground, Model Sports Complex, Delhi - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

329-4Bengal v Jharkhand2016/17a25342
320-5Punjab v Jammu and Kashmir2000/01a13129
304-6Services v Jammu and Kashmir2005/06a17200
294Maharashtra v Tripura2015/16a24409
288Jharkhand v Bengal2016/17a25342
284-8Delhi v Madhya Pradesh2018/19a26738
281-6Services v Jammu and Kashmir2007/08a18794
271-8Haryana v Services2005/06a17224
261-4Andhra v Orissa2015/16a24430
261Services v Punjab2005/06a17242
259-9Baroda v Railways2016/17a25192
259Punjab v Services2005/06a17242
256-6Himachal Pradesh v Punjab2007/08a18836
255-7Haryana v Delhi1995/96a9517
255Punjab v Himachal Pradesh2007/08a18836
252-7Railways v Haryana2016/17a25210
250-9Delhi v Haryana1995/96a9517





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