Palam A Ground, Model Sports Complex, Delhi - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

35Patiala v Services1958/59f22512
37Jammu and Kashmir v Services1959/60f23088
44Maharashtra v Services2019/20f59844
45Jharkhand v Services2015/16f56552
51Northern Punjab v Services1960/61f23537
69Jammu and Kashmir v Services1975/76f30831
77Jammu and Kashmir v Services1979/80f32795
77Services v Vidarbha2008/09f51068
83Southern Punjab v Services1960/61f23539
84Tripura v Services2019/20f59821
85Jammu and Kashmir v Services2012/13f54425
87Jammu and Kashmir v Services1959/60f23088
87Services v Punjab2000/01f45383
95Services v Andhra2011/12f53493
95Jammu and Kashmir v Services2018/19f59054
97Services v Gujarat2007/08f50406
97Services v Haryana2019/20f59902
99Maharashtra v Delhi2017/18f58272





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