Palam A Ground, Model Sports Complex, Delhi - Highest Team Totals in Twenty20 matches

211-7Haryana v Services2006/07tt579
174-4Haryana v Punjab2010/11tt1958
165-6Himachal Pradesh v Punjab2009/10tt1425
163-2Delhi v Punjab2006/07tt596
163-3Haryana v Jammu and Kashmir2009/10tt1421
160-7Punjab v Delhi2006/07tt596
155-9Punjab v Haryana2010/11tt1958
153-3Uttarakhand v Baroda2018/19tt7612
153-4Himachal Pradesh v Haryana2014/15tt4717
153-5Himachal Pradesh v Delhi2009/10tt1407
153-8Punjab v Himachal Pradesh2009/10tt1425
152-4Himachal Pradesh v Jammu and Kashmir2009/10tt1419
152-5Baroda v Uttarakhand2018/19tt7612
150-8Jammu and Kashmir v Himachal Pradesh2009/10tt1419





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