Ramblers Cricket Club Ground, Bloemfontein - Seven Wickets in an Innings in first-class cricket

8-64LTD TuckettOrange Free State v North Eastern Transvaal1946/47f17397
8-68JT BottenOrange Free State, Griqualand West and North Eastern Transvaal Combined XI v Transvaal1958/59f22631
8-80JH WardleMarylebone Cricket Club v Orange Free State1956/57f21561
8-86S WhittakerNatal B v Orange Free State1973/74f29937
8-89LW PaynNatal v Orange Free State1936/37f15598
8-107EA BudgenOrange Free State v Natal1921/22f10122
7-29PS HeineOrange Free State v New Zealanders1953/54f20262
7-30ARA MurrayEastern Province v Orange Free State1947/48f17849
7-41SF BarnesMarylebone Cricket Club v Orange Free State1913/14f9030
7-43NA QuinnGriqualand West v Orange Free State1929/30f12945
7-48XC BalaskasTransvaal v Orange Free State1945/46f17060
7-49MJ MacaulayOrange Free State v Rhodesia1963/64f25109
7-52AN HubbardTransvaal B v Orange Free State1973/74f30047
7-54IAR PeeblesMarylebone Cricket Club v Orange Free State1927/28f12177
7-55PGH FenderMarylebone Cricket Club v Orange Free State1922/23f10452
7-58MJ MacaulayOrange Free State v Marylebone Cricket Club1964/65f25631
7-69AH McKinnonEastern Province v Orange Free State1958/59f22607
7-70LR TuckettOrange Free State v Griqualand West1925/26f11441
7-71CJPG van ZylOrange Free State v Transvaal B1984/85f35513
7-79TG ShawEastern Province v Orange Free State1985/86f36142
7-93JR LiddleOrange Free State v Griqualand West1951/52f19470
7-94RO JenkinsMarylebone Cricket Club v Orange Free State1948/49f18156





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