First-Class Matches played on Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin (13)

29th August 1912 Scotland in Ireland 1912  Ireland v Scotlandf8712
16th July 1914 Scotland in Ireland 1914  Ireland v Scotlandf9185
4th August 1921 Scotland in Ireland 1921  Ireland v Scotlandf10038
1st August 1936 Marylebone Cricket Club in Ireland 1936  Ireland v Marylebone Cricket Clubf15501
15th May 1937 Minor Counties in Ireland 1937  Ireland v Minor Countiesf15692
11th September 1937 New Zealand in British Isles 1937  Ireland v New Zealandersf15967
21st August 1948 Marylebone Cricket Club in Ireland 1948  Ireland v Marylebone Cricket Clubf18112
9th August 1975 Scotland in Ireland 1975  Ireland v Scotlandf30692
28th July 1979 Scotland in Ireland 1979  Ireland v Scotlandf32674
20th August 1998 Australia A in British Isles 1998  Ireland v Australia Af43836
11th August 2010 ICC Inter-Continental Cup 2009 to 2010  Ireland v Netherlandsf52524
13th September 2011 ICC Inter-Continental Cup 2011 to 2013  Ireland v Canadaf53364
9th July 2012 ICC Inter-Continental Cup 2011 to 2013  Ireland v Afghanistanf54078





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