Ulster Cups Matches played on Moylena Ground, Muckamore (24)

(count excludes the 2 matches in which no play was possible)
8th May 2005 Ulster Shield 2005 First RoundMuckamore v Creevedonnellulcup115
5th June 2005 Ulster Shield 2005 Quarter-FinalMuckamore v Sion Millsulcup124
2nd July 2006 Ulster Shield 2006 Quarter-FinalMuckamore v St Johnstonulcup144
23rd July 2006 Ulster Shield 2006 Semi FinalMuckamore v Dunmurryulcup147
20th August 2006 Ulster Shield 2006 FinalMuckamore v Derriaghyulcup150
3rd June 2007 Ulster Shield 2007 First RoundMuckamore v St Johnstonulcup163
29th June 2008 Ulster Shield 2008 Second RoundMuckamore v Downpatrickulcup197
27th July 2008 Ulster Shield 2008 Semi-FinalMuckamore v Saintfieldulcup203
31st May 2009 Ulster Shield 2009 First RoundMuckamore v Bonds Glenulcup221
27th June 2010 Ulster Shield 2010 Quarter-FinalMuckamore v Saintfieldulcup260
3rd June 2012 Ulster Shield 2012 First RoundMuckamore v Burndennettulcup319
17th June 2012 Ulster Shield 2012 Quarter-FinalMuckamore v Templepatrickulcup334
24th June 2012 Euris Europe Ulster Plate 2012 Quarter-FinalMuckamore Second XI v Bready Second XIulcup339
1st July 2012 Ulster Shield 2012 Semi-FinalMuckamore v Dundrumulcup346
15th July 2012 Ulster Bank Senior Cup 2012 Semi-FinalMuckamore v Instoniansulcup347
12th August 2012 Euris Europe Ulster Plate 2012 FinalMuckamore Second XI v Strabane Second XIulcup350
12th May 2013 Ulster Shield 2013 First RoundMuckamore v Sion Millsulcup353i
9th June 2013 Ulster Shield 2013 Quarter-FinalMuckamore v Downpatrickulcup364
11th August 2013 Ulster Shield 2013 FinalMuckamore v Woodvaleulcup376
31st May 2014 Ulster Cup 2014 First RoundMuckamore v Breadyulcup388
7th June 2015 Ulster Plate 2015 First RoundMuckamore Second XI v Eglinton Second XIulcup419
5th June 2016 Ulster Plate 2016 First RoundMuckamore Second XI v Bonds Glen Second XIulcup450
12th June 2016 Ulster Shield 2016 First RoundMuckamore v Ballyspallenulcup461
19th June 2016 Ulster Plate 2016 Quarter-FinalMuckamore Second XI v Civil Service Second XIulcup461e
17th July 2016 Ulster Plate 2016 Semi-FinalMuckamore Second XI v Bready Second XIulcup469
31st July 2016 Ulster Shield 2016 Semi-FinalMuckamore v Bangorulcup470





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