Teams John Bowden played for

Other ListAKent Cricket Board (1999-2003)
Minor Counties TrophyKent Cricket Board (1998-2002)
Second Eleven ChampionshipSussex Second XI (1997)
Second Eleven TrophySussex Second XI (1997)
 Kent Second XI (2001)
Kent Premier LeagueSevenoaks Vine (1999-2021)
Kent Cricket LeagueSevenoaks Vine (1990-2021)
MiscellaneousSevenoaks Vine Second XI (1990-2019)
 Sevenoaks Vine (1997-2007)
 Kent Cricket Board (1999-2003)
 Kent Cricket League Premier Division and Division One (2000)
 Kent Cricket League (2004-2012)
 Kent Cricket League Premier Division (2006)
 Marylebone Cricket Club (2007-2015)
 Club Cricket Conference President's XI (2007)





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