Largest Margin of Runs Victory

356 runs v WorcestershireCounty Ground, Northampton1921f9971
318 runs v GlamorganCounty Ground, Northampton2016f57235
304 runs v SurreyCounty Ground, Northampton1993f40605
297 runs v GlamorganCounty Ground, Northampton1925f11252
285 runs v LancashireCounty Ground, Northampton2005f48797
284 runs v WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1975f30619
283 runs v SomersetRecreation Ground, Bath1912f8640
281 runs v Oxford UniversityThe University Parks, Oxford1983f34634
276 runs v EssexCounty Ground, Northampton1973f29699
276 runs v EssexCounty Ground, Chelmsford1990f38897
264 runs v SomersetRecreation Ground, Bath1913f8930
257 runs v GlamorganCounty Ground, Northampton1981f33623
254 runs v WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1929f12731
251 runs v GlamorganSt Helen's, Swansea2016f57192
245 runs v NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1966f26289
244 runs v GlamorganCounty Ground, Northampton1921f10013
240 runs v KentAngel Ground, Tonbridge1912f8559
237 runs v NottinghamshireCounty Ground, Northampton1910f7947
236 runs v DerbyshireCounty Ground, Northampton1982f34214
231 runs v HampshireCounty Ground, Northampton1905f6672
226 runs v WorcestershireChester Road North, Kidderminster1973f29693
214 runs v GloucestershireCounty Ground, Northampton1977f31612
213 runs v DerbyshireCounty Ground, Northampton1924f10918
213 runs v WorcestershireCounty Ground, Northampton1929f12906
212 runs v LancashireStanley Park, Blackpool1957f21904
209 runs v GlamorganCounty Ground, Northampton1927f11933
209 runs v GloucestershireCounty Ground, Northampton1995f41863
207 runs v Oxford University Centre of Cricketing ExcellenceThe University Parks, Oxford2002f46571
202 runs v EssexTown Ground, Peterborough1956f21404
202 runs v LeicestershireCounty Ground, Northampton2001f45997
198 runs v YorkshireNorth Marine Road, Scarborough1976f31256
194 runs v DerbyshireCounty Ground, Derby1921f9980
193 runs v Cambridge University Centre of Cricketing ExcellenceFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge2006f49356
189 runs v LancashireOld Trafford, Manchester1999f44394
187 runs v KentCounty Ground, Northampton1950f18667
183 runs v Cambridge UniversityFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge1966f26274
182 runs v DerbyshireCounty Ground, Northampton2005f48765
180 runs v DerbyshireCounty Ground, Northampton2003f47327
177 runs v LeicestershireGrace Road, Leicester2007f50199
176 runs v WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1926f11607
175 runs v SussexThe Manor Sports Ground, Worthing1963f24708
174 runs v SomersetTown Ground, Rushden1958f22254
171 runs v LeicestershireGrace Road, Leicester1990f38908
171 runs v NottinghamshireCounty Ground, Northampton1993f40582
168 runs v EssexGarrison A Cricket Ground, Colchester1925f11266
168 runs v GlamorganCounty Ground, Northampton2006f49419
166 runs v LeicestershireCounty Ground, Northampton1992f39937
165 runs v DerbyshireQueen's Park, Chesterfield2011f53320
164 runs v EssexCounty Ground, Chelmsford1972f29305
162 runs v GlamorganWellingborough School Ground, Wellingborough1973f29759
162 runs v SussexThe Saffrons, Eastbourne2000f45238
160 runs v YorkshireWardown Park, Luton1994f41142
159 runs v NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1909f7709
159 runs v EssexCounty Ground, Chelmsford1982f34259
157 runs v WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1927f11981
156 runs v EssexCounty Ground, Northampton1914f9243
156 runs v HampshireDean Park, Bournemouth1950f18841
156 runs v Sri Lanka ACounty Ground, Northampton1999f44488
155 runs v WorcestershireTown Ground, Kettering1952f19647
154 runs v KentCounty Ground, Northampton1922f10248
152 runs v WarwickshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1956f21336
152 runs v KentCounty Ground, Northampton1965f25952
151 runs v DerbyshireCounty Ground, Northampton1913f8963
151 runs v YorkshireCounty Ground, Northampton1972f29248
149 runs v WarwickshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1973f29786
147 runs v SussexThe Manor Sports Ground, Worthing1949f18393
144 runs v DerbyshireQueen's Park, Chesterfield1974f30183
143 runs v GloucestershireAshley Down Ground, Bristol1914f9113
142 runs v SussexCounty Ground, Hove1957f21779
142 runs v LeicestershireTown Ground, Kettering1965f25841
141 runs v GloucestershireCounty Ground, Northampton1983f34641
139 runs v HampshireDean Park, Bournemouth1969f27922
138 runs v SussexCounty Ground, Northampton1911f8377
138 runs v SurreyCounty Ground, Northampton1991f39495
138 runs v GloucestershireCounty Ground, Northampton2007f50126
137 runs v GlamorganCounty Ground, Northampton1949f18399
137 runs v HampshireCounty Ground, Northampton1964f25450
137 runs v WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester2005f48761
136 runs v SussexCounty Ground, Northampton1998f43859
135 runs v KentAngel Ground, Tonbridge1911f8268
135 runs v DerbyshireCounty Ground, Northampton1957f21955
133 runs v Cambridge UniversityFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge1982f34097
132 runs v GlamorganSophia Gardens, Cardiff1967f26766
131 runs v HampshireDean Park, Bournemouth1962f24483
131 runs v SomersetCounty Ground, Northampton1965f25820
130 runs v DerbyshireQueen's Park, Chesterfield1910f8002
129 runs v DerbyshireCounty Ground, Northampton1961f23704
128 runs v MiddlesexWellingborough School Ground, Wellingborough1977f31707
128 runs v DerbyshireCounty Ground, Northampton2017f57924
127 runs v SurreyTown Ground, Kettering1929f12708
126 runs v GloucestershireCounty Ground, Northampton1964f25213
125 runs v GlamorganCounty Ground, Northampton1962f24260
125 runs v SomersetCounty Ground, Northampton1964f25220
124 runs v EssexGidea Park Sports Ground, Romford1955f20972
124 runs v SomersetCounty Ground, Northampton1957f21836
124 runs v NottinghamshireCounty Ground, Northampton2017f58026
123 runs v WarwickshireCounty Ground, Northampton1908f7422
121 runs v GloucestershireCounty Ground, Northampton2012f54050
119 runs v SussexCounty Ground, Hove1983f34686
118 runs v SussexCricket Field Road, Horsham1952f19550
117 runs v HampshireCounty Ground, Northampton2012f54023
116 runs v LancashireOld Trafford, Manchester1976f31043
114 runs v DerbyshireQueen's Park, Chesterfield1920f9631
114 runs v GloucestershireCounty Ground, Northampton2016f57252
113 runs v HampshireCounty Ground, Southampton1932f14011
110 runs v HampshireCounty Ground, Northampton1967f26837
109 runs v SussexCounty Ground, Northampton1973f29731
108 runs v HampshireWellingborough School Ground, Wellingborough1963f24933
107 runs v DerbyshireQueen's Park, Chesterfield1911f8306
106 runs v GlamorganSt Helen's, Swansea1925f11331
106 runs v NottinghamshireCounty Ground, Northampton1963f24725
105 runs v GlamorganCounty Ground, Northampton1932f13787
105 runs v WorcestershireCounty Ground, Northampton1974f30213
105 runs v GloucestershireCounty Ground, Northampton1976f31172
104 runs v GloucestershireCounty Ground, Northampton1967f26817
103 runs v GlamorganSt Helen's, Swansea1922f10212
103 runs v GlamorganCounty Ground, Northampton1929f12634
102 runs v EssexCastle Park Cricket Ground, Colchester1986f36511
101 runs v SussexCounty Ground, Hove1971f28893
100 runs v NottinghamshireCounty Ground, Northampton1971f28862
100 runs v SurreyKennington Oval, Kennington1986f36447
99 runs v SussexTown Ground, Peterborough1929f12687
99 runs v DerbyshireCounty Ground, Derby1985f35717
94 runs v HampshireCounty Ground, Northampton1949f18334
94 runs v GloucestershireCounty Ground, Bristol2010f52380
92 runs v WorcestershireCounty Ground, Northampton2003f47428
92 runs v LeicestershireGrace Road, Leicester2015f56365
89 runs v GloucestershireCounty Ground, Northampton1954f20478
87 runs v SomersetTown Ground, Kettering1930f13167
85 runs v HampshireDean Park, Bournemouth1975f30707
82 runs v New ZealandersTown Ground, Kettering1927f11970
82 runs v WorcestershireCounty Ground, Northampton2005f48735
81 runs v YorkshireCounty Ground, Northampton1983f34696
80 runs v DerbyshireCounty Ground, Northampton1920f9702
80 runs v LeicestershireCounty Ground, Northampton1966f26442
79 runs v MiddlesexCounty Ground, Northampton1967f26894
78 runs v Cambridge UniversityFP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge1939f16438
78 runs v GlamorganEugene Cross Park, Ebbw Vale1958f22444
77 runs v KentCounty Ground, Northampton1966f26334
76 runs v SussexCounty Ground, Northampton1954f20381
74 runs v GlamorganSt Helen's, Swansea1928f12503
72 runs v SurreyKennington Oval, Kennington1957f21745
72 runs v GloucestershireWagon Works Ground, Gloucester1960f23330
72 runs v GlamorganSt Helen's, Swansea1961f23952
71 runs v WarwickshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1962f24291
71 runs v DerbyshireCounty Ground, Northampton1962f24370
66 runs v YorkshireHeadingley, Leeds1966f26375
65 runs v HampshireDean Park, Bournemouth1968f27426
65 runs v West IndiansCounty Ground, Northampton1969f27703
64 runs v WarwickshireCounty Ground, Northampton1964f25396
60 runs v SussexTown Ground, Kettering1930f13094
60 runs v NottinghamshireCounty Ground, Northampton1989f38201
59 runs v WarwickshireTown Ground, Kettering1934f14658
59 runs v LancashireCounty Ground, Northampton1957f21843
59 runs v EssexCounty Ground, Northampton1977f31556
58 runs v LeicestershireAylestone Road, Leicester1927f12092
58 runs v YorkshireHeadingley, Leeds1965f25833
57 runs v EssexVista Road Recreation Ground, Clacton-on-Sea1965f25924
54 runs v KentCounty Ground, Northampton1977f31624
54 runs v WarwickshireEdgbaston, Birmingham2000f45213
53 runs v Cambridge UniversityCounty Ground, Northampton1959f22757
53 runs v LancashireChurch Road, Lytham St Annes1991f39464
52 runs v HampshireUnited Services Ground, Portsmouth1910f8027
51 runs v WarwickshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1909f7725
50 runs v SussexCricket Field Road, Horsham1913f8917





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