Bowling in Hawke Cup 1913/14 (Ordered by Average)

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W Christiansen (SA)00511-55.00 00
AM Ongley (ST)602643-176.50 00
Cattanach (PB)9024065-206.66 10
CA Holland (Wan)46520277338-518.39 52
JM Hussey (Wan)24616152157-2410.13 20
R Johnston (Wan)2411211-1212.00 00
EHL Bernau (Wan)234119074-3412.85 00
FL McMahon (PB)2521142118-7912.90 11
F Dunlop (ST)84110375-5314.71 10
NG Winger (SA)003022-3015.00 00
AJ Shepherd (SA)004733-4715.66 00
JB Pomeroy (SA)005033-5016.66 00
A Brown (Wan)4214222-2121.00 00
B McCarthy (ST)120312754-7625.40 00
EO Blamires (ST)7826722-4633.50 00
A Bentley (SA)203511-3235.00 00
J Moore (PB)7833511-3535.00 00
JH Jones (PB)13819321-2446.50 00
W McLaren (ST)0010    
Doherty (ST)0080    
M Guthrie (PB)540250    
HR Penny (ST)362320    
WJ Schollum (PB)420400    





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