First-class Bowling in Ireland for 2013 (Ordered by Average)

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A Balbirnie (Ire)24150    
CS MacLeod (Sco)241130    
AR McBrine (Ire)423210    
AR White (Ire)381320    
PR Stirling (Ire)780410    
JF Mooney (Ire)782450    
SM Sharif (Sco)783550    
AR Cusack (Ire)722640    
SR Thompson (Ire)841910    
J Anderson (Ire)120311-33.0000
MC Henriques (AusA)6012244-225.5000
GJ McCarter (Ire)10883053-136.0000
MC Sorensen (Ire)31314164115-3714.9020
AC Agar (AusA)7833222-3216.0000
MM Iqbal (Sco)7826844-6817.0000
RM Haq (Sco)11116944-6917.2500
CA Young (Ire)181711064-5318.3300
NM Lyon (AusA)18677443-4018.5000
DT Johnston (Ire)15049344-6823.2500
KJ O'Brien (Ire)13266322-2931.5000
JL Pattinson (AusA)132410421-4952.0000
AC Evans (Sco)10236411-6464.0000
Fawad Ahmed (AusA)10236511-2565.0000
I Wardlaw (Sco)12056911-6969.0000
PM Siddle (AusA)16468511-6285.0000





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